Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Allie and Kenzie's Lazy Days of Summer Birthday Party

On March 19th we celebrated Allie's 4th birthday and Kenzie's 2nd birthday with a joint Lazy Days of Summer party!  Pink Lemonade was the color scheme.

I blogged about making the lemonade stands HERE.

I used THIS TUTORIAL for the pinwheels.  
We put pictures of the girls through the years on the walls in the garage.


I bought birdhouse lawn decorations from the dollar spot at Target and took them off of the stake.  I used mod podge and attached themed paper to the front of them.
The favors were playdoh, sunglasses, magnifying glasses, puzzles, craft kits, in brown lunch bags with pinwheels attached.  I made pink ones for the girls and blue for the boys. 

I decided I would make wall art to represent their birthday party this year.  I might start doing it every year.  For this year's I used the lemonade theme and added a bird, birdhouse, and pinwheels to represent different decorations from the party.


What a fantastic celebration!

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