Friday, October 15, 2010

Beauty And The Beast Day!

Disney finally released Beauty and the Beast from the vault and we were so excited to get the DVD for the girls!  After deals and coupons I actually got the movie for free!!

Both of us love the movie and we wanted it to be special the first time the girls saw it so we came up with Beauty and the Beast day and celebrated it last Friday.  Bryan took the day off and it was all about the girls.  We had a blast!

First we had an invitation "delivered" to the door for them the day before.

We stayed up until 2am decorating...

 Tissue Paper Decorations

Bryan used blankets and table cloths to create a theater!
It was all we could do not to watch the movie the night before without the girls!

The girls were super excited when they woke up!

Ready for breakfast.

We made Beauty and the Beast shaped pancakes and topped them with roses (strawberries) and snowflakes (whip cream) and chocolate syrup just for fun.

The girls had hot cocoa and Allie loved serving it and adding it to mommy and daddy's coffee!
 After breakfast we went to the book shop of course.

 Then it was time to get dressed up for the ball.  I made the girls tutus the night before and Mommy and Daddy dressed up too!
We danced to music from the movie and Allie taught us the "I'm a little teapot" dance.

Next we did some crafts and coloring sheets.

Time to have a tea party lunch and make cookies!!

After lunch we had story time and then the girls took a nap.

When they woke up we decorated the cookies and finally, watched the movie!

It was more work than I thought it would be but so worth it to stop everything and have a day just for them.


  1. Will you be my mommy? This is awesome Melissa! You have 2 very lucky little girls.

  2. No, she is MY Mommy...