Friday, November 19, 2010

Meet Ms. Holly Molly

You've heard of The Elf on the Shelf right?  If not, google it.  I love the idea and I think it's a fun tradition but in all honesty the Elf looks kind of creepy.  I did like how you could order a skirt for your Elf making it a girl Elf and therefore not looking quite as creepy but I just could not spend $30+ dollars on it. 

So as with most things I decided to use the idea but tweak it a bit to fit our family.
So, without further ado meet Ms. Holly Molly! (an ornament from JC Penneys)
Our Christmas Fairy.

And I wrote my own little story for the girls about Ms. Holly Molly.
Now, this was written in under 10 minutes so it isn't perfect but they loved it!
I didn't realize when I printed it Santa's head is covering the word "year".And it cut off the words "Christmas if you are nice!" at the very end of the first page.
Someday I will print a new one!  Luckily neither one can read right now. 

We chose a name for our fairy as a family.
It has almost been a week since Ms. Holly Molly came to live with us and Allie still runs downstairs in the morning to see where she landed.

That is the latest blog worthy news in our house.  I am sure there is much more since the last time I posted but it's quite busy around here so for now this is it.

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