Friday, May 27, 2011

Pinkalicious Day!

Friday was Pinkalicious Day for us!
Our local children's theatre is doing a Pinkalicious musical over the summer so we decided to take the girls since they loved the If You Give A Pig A Party and Charlotte's Web shows they saw there before.

This time last year I had no idea who/what Pinkalicious was.  I knew that our local theatre was doing the musical but I had know idea it was a book!  A friend of mine had a Pinkalicious party for her daughter's 3rd birthday last year so I knew it was definitely pink and definitely cute and all about cupcakes!

We waited until Valentine's Day to give the book to the girls and they really liked it.  What little girl wouldn't?!  
But I'm sure they also love it because Mommy is super silly when I read it and they just crack up!  Imagine that.

Since I like to make a day of things we love, here is our Pinkalicious Day!

I made them Pinkalicious wall art to remember the day with.
They woke up to find Pinkalicious coloring sheets and home made wands.

Next we had a dance party while the pancakes cooked!

Pink Whole Wheat Pancakes!

After breakfast we made pink cupcakes of course!

We let the girls fill the cupcake cups and they absolutely loved that!

Time to decorate and eat them!

Then they licked the pink cupcake wrapper clean!!

Excited to see the show!

Allie "read" the entire book to us while we waited for the show to start.

Meeting the cast and getting autographs!

We had a Pinkerrific day!

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