Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Allie's Tangled Rapunzel Tower Cake!

Obviously, I am not a cake decorator but I do love to experiment and make the girls' birthday cakes.
There is something special about making their cakes.  Even if they don't look like perfect store bought cakes, they were made from the heart.

But when Allie requested a Tangled tower cake I was a little worried because that is so beyond me.  
But then I found this great idea from Bakerella found here that made it look so easy.
I knew I had to try so this is what I came up with.

I made it for our family birthday celebration over at my Dad's house so he really helped give me guidance as well.

All I had to bake were the cupcakes!  Simple!  Well, almost.  Allie also wanted a rainbow cake so I decided to make rainbow cupcakes.  They were simple alright but it took me close to 45 minutes just to fill the cups with the different colors!  I used the idea for rainbow cupcakes found here.

Allie really wanted a Rapunzel doll on her cake but we didn't have one small enough.  Instead I made it look like Rapunzel was hiding behind the tower with her hair flowing around to the front.
Allie loves hair so it was important to at least have that on her cake!
I used yellow yarn for the hair.

The tower started to lean due to the mound of icing on the sugar cone so I placed cupcakes around the base to help it stand up.  That's when my hubby gave me the idea of making a waterfall around the tower.  So I covered the cupcakes with blue icing so it looked like a flowing waterfall.  I just used white frosting from a can and 3 different tips to make the designs.

Again - not a cake decorator!  But Allie absolutely L-O-V-E-D this cake!
And that is all that really matters right?

For my sweet Little Bug on her 4th Birthday.  Mommy loves you very, very, very, much!
This cake was made with all the love in my heart for you my sweet angel pie sugar hunna!

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