Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hand Made Lemonade Stands

I made two lemonade stands for the girls to enjoy during their Lazy Days of Summer birthday party back in March.
Here are the details.

Keep in mind this is my first try at anything carpenter-ish.  By sharing this I hope it inspires others to try a do-it-yourself project!

Wood: Pine 1x4's
Dimensions: 2.5ft high x 2ft wide x 18in deep
Yellow Paint: Glidden exterior paint mixed with Disney Yellow color
Pink Paint: Glidden Watermelon Smoothie Indoor high gloss (Received as a free full size sample over 3 years ago!)

I did not have a plan to work off of I just measured the girls and decided how tall and wide I wanted the stands to be then started cutting with a jig saw.
I went with more of a fun house look for the bars in the front and on the sides rather than the traditional straight look.

I nailed the first stand together but the nails were too long in some places so I went with screws for the second stand.  The screws held it together much better. 
 I used an electric drill to make holes for the screws to go in.

I made the top so that it has slats for water to fall through when they play tea party (with water) on them this summer.

Thank you Dad for lending me your electric sander!  What a life saver!  After the stands were put together I sanded the wood and rounded the corners so they would not get splinters in their precious fingers.

After painting them with two coats I applied cute little wooden spring time bugs to the front with hot glue and attached a pinwheel to each of them with screws.
I attached metal buckets to the front of each stand with screws for holding flowers they pick or whatever else they want to fill them with.

They are light enough so I can move them easily from the garage out to the drive way when they play outside but they are sturdy so they cannot knock them over. 

Total cost for both stands (paint, paint brushes, screws, nails, wood, sand paper, decorations) less than $25!
And totally worth the hard work to see the look on their faces when they saw their completed lemonade stands.  Allie claimed the pink one immediately, no surprise there.

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