Thursday, June 2, 2011

Redecorating the kitchen

I finally decided on the color scheme for the kitchen.
When we first moved in I thought I wanted red but then I really didn't want red year round.
Then I decided I needed a little splash of color in the kitchen so I did this.

I figured out I am not a splash of color kind of person and I've pretty much hated those frames ever since.
So, I painted them AGAIN and I do love the new look!  Check it out!

We had these four frames hanging in the guest bathroom but they were brown with gold accents and had pictures of the girls in red and white outfits in them to match the red rug in the bathroom.

I decided to paint these frames black and fill them with black and white close ups!
They replaced the rustic looking framed Texas flag we had hanging over the kitchen table.

The flag was moved to the guest bathroom and goes perfectly with the red rug!
I feel so much better now even with these small changes.
The best part is it didn't cost a dime!
I just repainted a few frames.  Added nice scrapbook paper (left over from Halloween!) to a couple of them.  And I printed the pictures here at home.

I still have a little more to do in the kitchen (like replace the mats) then I can move on to the living room!

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