Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 2nd

Life is about going above and beyond to show love to those closest to us.
If you don't tell them while you are here, how can you be sure they know?
I want to be sure they know.

It is easy as a mother to be completely consumed by my girls.
To not see anything or anyone else.
My head-over-heels love for my husband shifted a bit when I looked at my first born daughter for the first time.
I fell in love with Bryan all over again seeing the magnificent little person we created together.
But I will admit I became a little obsessed over this angel pie and a little less obsessed with my sweet hubby.

Understandably everything in me went into taking care of our little bug.
And being the most wonderful husband he is, he didn't mind a bit.

It has taken me a couple years to get my priorities straight again but I wanted to show him that he is not overlooked.
And somewhere beneath my well earned layer of mommy fat I do still have a romantic bone!
It may not come with as many poems and songs as it did before but it is there.
And I am not afraid to use it!

On the morning of March 2nd I already decided I was going to throw together a Dr. Seuss day for the girls.
I also wanted to do something special for Bryan.
I decided to make his favorite meal, lasagna and garlic bread, and have a candle lit dinner when he got home from class.
I prepared the lasagna that morning so all I needed to do was bake it once the girls were in bed.

I had leftover muffins and loaf cake from a play date the day before that I needed to find a use for so I decided to use them and candles to represent our 10 March 2nd's together.

 And I wrote this for him: 
 Today I want to tell you that I love you
Nothing more
Nothing less
I love you
On this day, our 10th March 2nd
A day that holds no special meaning for us
I love you
And I will love you for every March 2nd to come
Thank you for 10 wonderful March 2nd's

Our wedding song was playing when he walked through the door and we danced in the candle lit kitchen.
We had a great dinner and traded the candle light for computer light to catch up on Grey's Anatomy!
That's how we roll.

Bryan was amazed and so touched by the celebration of our love for no good reason.
He said over and over that it was more meaningful without a holiday tied to it.

Show love.
Because at the end of the day, we can only be sure that we have today.

I love you babe.

Our song.

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