Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Field Trip - Botanical Garden

Our first theme for school was butterflies and I planned it that way due to the opening of a butterfly exhibit at our local Botanical Garden.

We took the girls on their first field trip to the new exhibit so they could experience what they have been learning about.

Terrifyingly huge butterfly bicycle ride anyone?


Allie enjoyed the garden scavenger hunt.

We do have flowers somewhere in the state of TX! Here is the proof!

Going through the exhibit.  They became caterpillars then tucked inside their chrysalis before becoming beautiful butterflies!

Beautiful butterflies!

Beware of dangers butterflies!!!
Climbing the spider web.

After the maze they received flowers that attract butterflies.  They really enjoyed planting them and they water them every day!

They offered a few butterfly crafts as well.
It was a great day and Allie related what we had learned in books to the things she experienced in the exhibit.  Overall I call our first field trip a success!

Afterward we had lunch with some friends and the girls got to run and play in the leaves at the restaurant.  
My camera was already in the car though so I didn't get pics of their fun.  <---  Thank the hubby for that!  He didn't want to carry my purse anymore!  HA!!  I don't blame him!

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