Monday, September 13, 2010

Grandparents Day!

We took my Daddy and my Grandma to a local Farmers/Craft Market for Grandparent's day.

My Dad loved all of the exotic salsas and breads as I knew he would and Grandma really enjoyed the cold Peach Cider!  Allie really liked looking at gross bugs close up.  They were inside necklaces, key chains, even mouses for your computer!
After that we headed to Dad's house for lunch with my sister and her kids.  We picked up some AMAZING kettle corn at the market and Kenzie really loved it!  You can still see a hint of her blue raspberry Italian ice mustache!  And Allie giving a peace sign, her new pose for photos! (no idea!!)

Time for presents!  Allie painted pictures for Grandma and Grandpa and we also made them a photo bookmark and magnet.

We spent the whole day over there and it was so nice to visit.  I am coming down with a cold.  No fun.  Moms should not get sick!  I leave you with a picture of my Grandma rocking her Great Granddaughter (Kenzie) to sleep.  Precious!

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