Thursday, September 16, 2010

Official First Day of Home Preschool

I am still getting organized and learning my way around home school life.  We started a couple months ago but nothing really structured.  I decided that we needed to make it more official with a first day of school for Allie like she would have in a "real" school.
This is what we did on Tuesday.

So we decorated a corner of the playroom for her school area.  I had everything except the border and alphabet poster which I got at Dollar Tree.

Nothing says school better than a little chalkboard!
I found some cute word strips at Dollar Tree too and it was a nice surprise to see they came in pink!

She was so excited to have her first day of school!  We talked about it about a week ahead of time. 
She gave me a huge hug and said "thank you mommy" before taking a seat at her desk.
 We start each day with prayer and a memory verse and then we say the Pledge of Allegiance.  Allie memorized it for 4th of July and recites it often.  
We used a flag she made back in July but picked up a new real looking flag later that day.

This week's theme is Apples and Creation.
Using the letter tree I made a while back I replaced the letters with apples so Allie could pick them from the tree.
The vocabulary word this week is "ripe".
We learned the Spanish word for apple and the sign for apple.
We are learning how the apples get from the tree to the store to our house.

The farmer took the apples to the store in the wooden crate and Allie shopped for them with her metal basket.  Next she completed a worksheet and practiced writing the letter "A".
This was easy since she knows how to write her name.

I left her with a piece of construction paper and crayons to put Kenzie down for a nap and I came back to see she traced her own hand!!!!!  I of course added the pink finger nails.
I quickly discovered that the little bucket for her crayons, pencil and chalk was not going to cut it when Kenzie is around to dump it over and over so we made a trip to Target and she picked out a Tinkerbell box that latches.  Got it on sale for $1.25!
And again with the peace sign.  Goofball!

We read 10 Apples on Top before nap time.
Allie received surprise calls throughout the day from Daddy, Grandpa (my dad) and Grandmaw (Bryan's mom) to ask how her first day of school went.  She felt really special and best of all she had a blast!

It was a great first day!

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