Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Restaurant Menus and First Trees!

Allie loves eating out at restaurants and asks to go every night (which probably means we go too often)!  We do go out to eat on weekends and she orders her own food and drink and doesn't want us to tell the waiter what she wants.  It is actually really cute.
  Last week as we were playing store for the 10th time that day I had an idea to play "restaurant" with Allie.

Kenzie napped and we got started on making some official looking menus, sorta.

I grabbed a stack of magazines and we flipped through looking for food and drink pics.  
See Babe (and Dad) I told you I had a reason for never throwing out my magazines!

I used contact paper to laminate them to give them a more authentic feel.

Kenzie woke up and we opened the restaurant.
Naturally I was the waitress.  No surprise there!

I asked Allie to draw me a tree and this is what she came up with.
This is her first drawing of a tree!!
I had no idea she could even come up with it on her own.
She added apples to her tree and snow (the blue markings).

Then she drew another one for Daddy to take to work.
This time she added a train track (the brown markings) and a train (the big blue mark in the middle of the brown).

Then she looked up at me with those big brown Disney Princess eyes and I captured this sweet face!

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