Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend at Grandmaw and Papaw's June 2011

We kicked off our summer with a camp out at Grandmaw and Papaw's house in the country!
We "camped" in an RV (thank you Uncle Buddy and Aunt Jodie!!!).

Grandmaw and Papaw built everything you see here, all the landscaping, the roof over their bus, the waterfall everything!  It is so beautiful here!
The girls loved feeding the goldfish in the pond and learning how the waterfall works.

The highlight of the trip was golf cart rides up and down the street and especially going downhill super fast!

And of course scooter rides!!

They had so much fun running and playing.

Cousins water gun fight!!

She would only play in the sprinkler on the low setting and by herself!
Otherwise she was scared of it.

Oreo cookies before 10am???
Sure, anything goes at Grandmaw and Papaw's!

We made home made ice cream in a bag using the recipe/directions found at Kaboose.
 It was DELISH!!

Time for a movie indoors to beat the heat then a picnic dinner!

All of the family came over for a BBQ.
The girls loved seeing Pa and Granny.

What is a camp out without S'mores?...a good one!
The girls (and I) did not like the S'mores.
They tasted like throw up to me but lately everything does.
The girls liked roasting their marshmallows but did not love the mess of eating the S'mores.

The big girl cousins watched Mamma Mia and had a slumber party!
I stayed up worrying until 1:30am (her first time ever sleeping away from us).
Grandmaw called at 2:30am saying Allie woke up and was ready to come back to our place.
Luckily we were in the RV right behind their house.

It was a wonderful way to kick off our summer!!
The girls are still talking about everything they did at Grandmaw and Papaw's!

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