Thursday, August 4, 2011

12 Weeks

(The following was written three weeks ago and I forgot to post it!)

I am 12 weeks pregnant with kiddo number three.  I am thoroughly convinced this one is a boy.  It doesn't help that every-single-person I talk to says they think this one is a boy.  "You have two girls already this one just has to be a boy for good measure" they say.  Honestly both the hubby and I are kind of hoping for another girl.  Nothing against boys it's just that we know girls and our house threw up pink long ago.  Not much would change except of course for adding a whole new person to the mix.  But I am convinced that we will be going through uncharted boy waters with this one and here is why.

  • I am not as nauseous as I was with the other two not even by half.  Now I have done my fair share of running to the bathroom to throw up this time around but with the girls I threw up 2-3 times a day quite often.
  • I have no food aversions.  With Allie I could not stomach red sauce, meat, pizza, spaghetti, Mexican food (I actually threw up my enchilada in the restaurant bathroom), Chinese, Cheetos, water.  With Kenzie I had all the same food aversions plus I could not stomach the smell of anything I cooked for Allie.  So every time I made her a meal I threw up in the kitchen sink.  Fun.
  • I want meat!  I can't say I am necessarily craving meat but I could eat a meatball sub from Subway every day.  Meat and red sauce both of my most hated foods with the girls and I totally want both all the time.
Of course each pregnancy is different and none of that really points to it being a boy but deep down I really feel like I will be seeing blue very soon.

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