Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sea Life Theme for School

 It is hard to say whether or not we will always have a theme for school but, as it turns out, Sea World has a Homeschool day each year.  So I decided our second theme would be Sea Life so we would be prepared when we went on our field trip to Sea World.

I made the girls special fishy lunches to introduce the theme.
I do not have a fish cookie cutter so I did my best at free-hand cutting the strawberries and cheese into fishies!  I used the new fish shaped bread for their sandwiches and a couple goldfish crackers for fun.

They were really excited to see this lunch.
They made their cheese fishies swim!

I had the school room set up with all of the educational sea life books I got from the library.

I got a separate set of books from the library for our storytime.
I also made some sea life felts for the girls.  While I realize these are pretty ghetto looking (they were made during nap time with no template!), the girls loved them.  Thank goodness they are not picky with how things should look.

I wrote several sea life words on the white board to use as our vocabulary words for the week.
Allie's writing assignment was to write down all of the words from the board in the same order.

She did a great job and it helped me recognize what letters she needs to work on.
Next we counted the number of letters in each of the vocabulary words and graphed the results.
The day wouldn't be complete without fishy faces!!

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