Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sea World Homeschool Day

Sea World has a Homeschool day!  Who knew?  When I found out I knew I had to take the girls for their second field trip of the year!

For Homeschool day, the park is closed to the public and it only costs $8 per person pre-k age and up to attend this special day.  They had an itinerary set for four hours.  The first two hours you are free to feed the dolphins and explore the shark and penguin areas.  After that you eat your sack lunch around the ski lake then you go to two educational presentations.  I was very impressed with the set up and we received special maps with the itinerary on the back of them which Allie loved.  


We fed the dolphins first.  Since the park had been closed for three days prior, the dolphins were very happy to see tons of people there to feed them!  I imagine for them this is like trick-or-treat time!  They were jumping out of the water and coming up to everyone showing off.  It was really cute.  And they even had a baby dolphin in there!!


After lunch the first educational presentation was at the Sea Lion stadium.
They talked about what they eat, how fast they swim and how they teach them to perform.
Then they put on a very short show of all of their tricks.

The final presentation was at the Dolphin and Beluga Whale stadium.
They talked about what these animals eat, the different sounds Beluga Whales make, and also how they teach them to perform.  This was Allie's favorite part.

After our fun at Sea World we went to McDonald's with some friends for ice cream and cold drinks!
The kids were too cute as they put on a special show for us.  Brenden was the Beluga Whale, Allie was the trainer and Kenzie was...I think she was an assistant to the trainer.  Brenden would do tricks at Allie's command then Allie and Kenzie would throw him fish after each trick and he would pretend to eat them!!  They did a great job and had us parents cracking up!!

And this is another reason why I love homeschooling...this year at least!  :-)

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